Weekend of Classes and Potluck

October 14-15, 2006

 With thanks to our instructors:
HL Vivien of Shaftesbury
HL Elena de Maisnilwarin
HL Kenneth of Shaftesbury
Photographer is listed in italics.

Knotwork Class
"Basic Knotwork" class. 
Instructor Elena is at center back.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Stick Weaving
"Stick Weaving" class.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)

Constance's stick weaving
Constance's stick weaving (sticks shown at top)
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Wire Weaving Class
"Wire Weaving" class
Instructor Kenneth is standing on left.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Wire weaving
Wire weaving 'kit' with Alicia's partly completed piece.
Part of the woven section has been narrowed.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Calindra Wire Weaving
Calindra wire weaving.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Potluck tables
Instructors Kenneth and Vivien are on the left.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Food table
The food tables (main course)
after we'd eaten most of the delicious food.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Instructor Elena is on the left; Kenneth and Vivien on the right.
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
The cake Ambrosine brought
The wonderful cake Ambrosine brought
(decorated by her mother).
(Alicia le Wilfulle)
Several other classes were taught but we were too busy enjoying them to take pictures.