The Stranded Mermaid


CAMPING - Please sign in and pay at the gate. The gate is at the entrance to the field.  Please move all vehicles into the parking lot after unloading.  Contact the autocrat about RV parking (there are no hook-ups).

PARKING - There is a parking area just below the entrance as you first come onto the site. Please park carefully as site has limited parking & do not block access to Fire Department across the road. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the main field.

ALCOHOL - This is a VERY discreetly wet site; period containers only.

FIRES - Must be off the ground.  Braziers, tiki torches, etc. are fine unless there is a fire ban in effect.

SMOKING Only in designated areas; there is no smoking in your encampments. The smoking areas are posted on the map. Please dispose of cigarettes, matches, etc. responsibly in the cans provided.

WATER -  There is no potable water on site - BRING YOUR OWN.

GARBAGE – There is no garbage bin.  Please take your garbage with you.


CHILDREN - Parents, you are responsible for your children’s safety.  Please make sure they are supervised, especially during fighting and archery, and by the ravine and creek.

PETS - Must be on a leash (attached to a responsible human) at all times. All pet owners must pick up after their pets. Bags will be available at the gate.