The Stranded Mermaid

Rapier Combat

There will be rapier fighting if sufficient fighters and marshalls are present.

Fighting areas include open field, wooded trails and the bridge (see Heavy Combat page for pictures).

This is your Dreaded Bridge Troll of False Isle, and keeper of the majestic, wonderful, hilariously named "Trollish Mug of Ever-Dent", and today I come with a message, a missive that my somehow very dexterous claws managed to skillfully write this down.
For one (!) day only, the curse that binds me to my grotesque form will be undone! And with it I bring a challenge. Bring your rapiers, your buckets, your bucklers, your daggers! Heck, bring your stuff! Fight me! Undo the curse that made me inconceivably hideous...!
Or stab me because you want to. I'm not picky.

Bridge Troll