The Stranded Mermaid

Day Food

There will be food available for purchase from The Sugar Fairy.

Sugar Fairy has restocked.
Unlikely to be on site in time for Friday dinner but will have drinks and snacks for crashing blood sugars before bed.
Event meal plan $30sm/$40reg per person.
Off board a la carte also avaible in limited quantities.

Sat, breakfast- french toast, cobbler, oatmeal, bacon, saussages, hard boiled eggs.
Lunch- hamburgers, hot dogs grilled cheese, homestyle beans with pork.
Free range baked goods & beverages 11am to 8pm.
Dinner(after court)- pasta &sauce, taters 'n neeps, seasonal veggies, roasted ham, italian saussage. maybe roasted turkey.
Evening dessert- cheescake, triffle.
Sunday brunch- meat, eggs, carbs and leftovers. Packup and looting of snacks before ferry at 12pm.

Bring your own dishes.

The Sugar Fairy